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5 reasons to ditch dreadful dating apps today!

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

While it is true that dating apps were once popular, some people may feel that in a Post-Covid-lockdown world they are a thing of the past for a vast variety of reasons. Here are five reasons why we too believe that dreary dating apps need to be ditched!

1. Lack of personal connection: Dating apps primarily rely on digital interactions, which can sometimes feel impersonal. Real life events allow you to establish a genuine connection and get a better sense of compatibility.

2. Limited authenticity: On dating apps, it can be challenging to gauge someone's true intentions or personality accurately. How many of us have wasted hours on end only to end up as pointless pen pals or at best in a shallow situationship? I know I have! People can easily present themselves differently online, leading to disappointments or mismatches when meeting in person. Some individuals prefer to see a potential partner's true self without the filter of online profiles.

3. Shallow interactions: Dating apps often emphasise physical appearances and instantaneous judgments, which can create a superficial dating culture. This can discourage those who seek meaningful connections and deeper conversations based on shared values and interests. Even we know our 5-10 minute face-to-face convos are only just long enough to work out who you'd like extra in-person mingling time with during the brilliantly scheduled breaks and at the end of the dating segment of the evening.

4. Overwhelming options: The abundance of potential matches on dating apps can make it difficult for individuals to focus on one person or make genuine connections. The paradox of choice can lead to decision paralysis, and some people might find that the sheer number of options becomes overwhelming and dilutes the dating experience. This is exactly why we cap our events at 40-70 guests depending on the venue so you have time to talk to everyone.

5. Privacy and security concerns: Online dating inherently comes with risks related to privacy and security. How many of us have been catfished or know someone who has? I know I have! Some people may feel uncomfortable sharing personal information or worry about potential scams or fake profiles. I understand your valid concerns about data breaches and misuse of personal information when using online dating apps.

In conclusion, it is essential to remember that while dating apps might have worked for some people in the past, there really are better options out there now! We are here when you're ready to try a real life singles speed dating event in your area and if you book in early you can snap up an early bird discounted ticket on most events! Click here to find an event near you!

Lots of love,

Cheri and the CEA gang! x

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