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Meet 3 cheeky couples who met through us!

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

(L) Nat & Jethro (M)Jade & Lewis (R) Louise & Timmy

This week we took the time to chat with with three of the 70 Cheeky Events couples (that we know of) and are super excited to reveal that they are still going strong from their first cheeky encounter at a CE singles mixer.

We asked the ladies from just three of the many gorgeous couples three very personal questions about their Cheeky Events experience:

Cheri: Question number 1, which event did you meet your now partner at and how did you know they were the one?

Natalie: I met Jethro at the Coogee (Funky Mnky) speed dating event almost 2 years ago. It was one of the first ever events! We were making each other laugh for most of the 6 minute date and gravitated towards each other again during the half way dancing & drinking break. This was my second event and whilst everyone was lovely at the first one and I made some good friendships this was different to that. He makes so much effort with my friends, which I love. We've been dating for two years and official for one. We haven't moved in yet as we both love living with our friends and don't let people pressure us into rushing it. We have just been on holiday to Fiji, Bali and Tasmania and now can't wait to plan the next one together.

Louise: I met Timmy at the 2022 Valentines Day speed dating event in Bondi Junction and recognised him from seeing him out and about around Sydney. I had previously been a speed dating guest at two events and both times I received quite a few matches & even had some cool dates (one guy even taught me how to rock climb and another how to surf) but this felt different as I could imagine a long-term relationship with Timmy straight away. I think it helped that you (as in me Cheri) really helped us to mingle as both myself and Timmy are quite shy. People say we moved in with each other quite soon (3 months) but we still have never had an argument. We are both such such chilled people and want the same things. We are both away from family in the UK and Ireland so we have that in common too and feel like we are each other's family & support network here in Sydney.

Jade: As I'm sure you remember I met Lewis at one of your secret singles house parties in Roseberry two years ago and during the ice breaker games I got paired with Lewis' friend & soon realised there was a cool flirty vibe between myself and Lewis. His friend was cool about it and egged us on to have a cheeky snog. I loved that all the females were invited to arrive earlier and bond before the guys arrived. In terms of knowing he was the one, we saw each other two or three times that next week and within 6 months we had been on so many fun holidays and then decided to move in with each other. We are both really into Crossfit so we enjoy working out together and pushing each other. We just knew.

Cheri: Thanks ladies! What made you decide to attend a Cheeky Events?

Jade: All my friends had been and enjoyed it. I was newly single and had nothing to lose. I was just expecting to have a giggle but obviously found my soulmate.

Natalie: To be honest the Instagram stories were making me want to go and see what it was all about. I too didn't have any expectations but wanted to meet someone.

Louise: By the time I started going to the events they were well established and everyone I knew was speaking about them. I could see that over the year of me following the company on socials that it was getting bigger and bigger. I loved trying the different venues. My favourites were Green Square Library (aka Bar Noun) and Spring Street Social in Bondi Junction. I enjoyed making girl mates as much as I did flirting with all the cute guys.

Cheri: Question would you describe the Cheeky Events real life events in 3 words?

Jade: Fun, fun, fun!

Louise: Romantic, social and interesting.

Natalie: An absolute buzz!

And there you have it. This s**t really does work!

There's a reason that all 62 events this year have sold out/are on track to sell out weeks before the event date!

At the time of writing, we have ZERO female tickets and only THREE MALE SPACES for this Thursday's single mixer at our new Bondi venue, which is why we just had to add a second Summer sizzling singles mixer in November and are making it exclusively for those aged 28-36 years of age!

Get the diary out because Christmas has come early:

1) This Thursday we kick off our first sizzling Summer singles mixer (aka speed dating with a twist) at our new venue the famous Neighbourhood Bondi, exclusively for aged 28-38! This happens to also be my birthday so, there will definitely be lots of dancing after the dates! Please arrive at by 6.15pm for a change to mingle before the dating begins.

2) Shortly after, we will be retuning to our beloved Bondi Junction venue! Please note ALL THIRTY FEMALE TICKETS SOLD a month before the event date and WE ONLY HAVE FIVE MALE SPACES LEFT for our December singles mixer. This event is exclusively for those aged 30-46!

3) Next we are taking over Green

Square Library (aka Bar Noun) once more and hosting exclusively FOR THOSE AGED 26-39 . This newly added event will absolutely sell out and we currently have TWELVE FEMALE AND 12 MALE SPACES LEFT!

This will be our final event at our much loved Green Square venue until mid 2023 as we will be expanding to new venues in the City, Inner West, Northern beaches and Melbourne!

4) As we have soooo many exciting plans to grow our singles mixers

OUR FINAL BOAT PARTY FOR SIX MONTHS WILL be our December summer boat party and we expect all 450 tickets to sell out in the next week just as our Halloween boat party did!

5) Finally, we are wrapping up a

fantastic year with a brand new event, OUR FIRST EVER SINGLES MIXER FOR THOSE AGE 42-56! This event is the final confirmed event of 2022 and will take place at our regular Bondi Junction venue.

As always, thank you for helping to make us one of the fastest growing events companies in Sydney. If you would like us to bring back the dating with doggies, dating for entrepreneurs or would like to be updated when we start our Summer bottomless brunches, please let us know via our socials!

(L) Nat & Jethro (M)Jade & Lewis (R) Louise & Timmy

See you all at my 34th b'day in Bondi in 3 days time!

Have a fabulous weekend!

x Cheri

Cheeky Events

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