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Celebrate with Us - CEO's Birthday and Record Matches!

Happy Saturday Subscribers,

We hope this message finds you well and full of excitement because we have two incredible reasons to celebrate!

First and foremost, it's almost my birthday (well it will be at our annual boat party), which I'll be giving you an exclusive discount for.

Secondly, we achieved a remarkable milestone at our Melbourne and Sydney events with a record number of matches this week. We are thrilled to announce that we had 90 matches in Melbourne and 124 matches in Sydney, which averages out to 2 or more matches per guest and if that isn't a cause for jubilation then I don't know what is!

To express our gratitude for your continued support and participation in our events, we have decided to offer an exclusive promotion. Starting now, until Monday 9am, all of our beloved newsletter readers like you can enjoy a fantastic 15% discount on all of our remaining 2023 events using the promo code below.

To benefit from this promotion and secure your discounted spot, simply visit our website and use the promo code BDAY15 during the checkout process. Be sure to act quickly, as spots for our events tend to fill up fast.

Let's make this celebration memorable and unforgettable. Join us in celebrating my birthday and the extraordinary number of matches this week by taking advantage of our exclusive 15% discount. We can't wait to see you at our upcoming events!

Warm regards,

Cheri and the cheeky CEA team! x

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