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Exciting Post-Speed Dating Date Ideas in Sydney and Melbourne

Hello to all you Cheeky lovebirds! Whether you've recently attended our speed dating events in Sydney or Melbourne, or are planning to (check our next events here), we've got you covered with some fantastic date ideas to make a lasting impression. From adventurous activities to indulgent culinary experiences, artistic outings, budget-friendly options, and even some cheeky and exciting adventures, we've curated a diverse selection of date ideas to inspire you.

PS, we've got a cheeky surprise waiting for you at the end ❤

Boozie and Food Dates

For those who appreciate good food and a delightful drink, these dates will satisfy your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

  1. Sydney: Pay a visit to The Winery in Darlinghurst, a charming and stylish wine bar and restaurant. This hidden oasis boasts a delightful ambiance with its lush garden courtyard and eclectic interior. Indulge in a selection of exquisite wines paired with a cheese platter or some shared plates.

  2. Melbourne: Step into the mysterious world of Berlin Bar. Tucked away in an unassuming laneway in the vibrant city centre, this hidden gem takes inspiration from 1960s Cold War Berlin and offers a unique and immersive experience. Relish in their innovative cocktails and atmosphere.

Activity Dates

If you're an adventurous duo, these activity dates will get your hearts racing and create lasting memories.

  1. Sydney: Take a scenic coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee, enjoying breathtaking views and stopping for a swim along the way.

  2. Melbourne: Explore the Royal Botanic Gardens, pack a picnic, and enjoy a leisurely stroll through the beautifully manicured landscapes.

Art and Entertainment Dates

If you're a lover of art, culture, cinema, and entertainment, these dates will tickle your creative senses.

  1. Sydney: Catch a live performance at the Sydney Opera House, whether it's a theatre play, ballet, or concert, and soak in the world-class artistic ambiance.

  2. Melbourne: Explore the National Gallery of Victoria, wandering through its extensive collection of art spanning various periods and cultures.

Budget Dates

Don't let a tight budget stop you from having a fantastic time. These wallet-friendly dates will impress without breaking the bank.

  1. Sydney: Take a ferry to Manly Beach and spend the day sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying fish and chips by the seaside.

  2. Melbourne: Pack a picnic and head to the picturesque Fitzroy Gardens, where you can wander through the historic landscapes and visit Captain Cook's Cottage.

Extra Special Dates

When you want to pull out all the stops and create a truly memorable experience, these dates are perfect for creating that extra spark.

  1. Sydney: Book a romantic dinner cruise on Sydney Harbour, admiring the city's glittering skyline as you savour a gourmet meal aboard a luxurious yacht.

  2. Melbourne: Enjoy a private hot air balloon ride over the Yarra Valley, taking in panoramic views of vineyards and mountains before a Champagne breakfast.

Extra Cheeky Dates

For those who like to add a dash of mischief and excitement to their dates, these cheeky options are sure to spice things up.

  1. Costume Party Night: Throw a spontaneous costume party for just the two of you! Each of you can pick a theme or surprise each other with a costume choice. Dressing up in character will add a playful and mischievous twist to your evening, encouraging laughter and a sense of adventure.

  2. Sensual Spa Adventure: Treat yourselves to a couples' spa package with a cheeky twist. Enjoy a rejuvenating massage accompanied by playful music, engage in lighthearted activities like pool or table tennis, and create your own flirty body scrubs. Finish off the date by indulging in a sweet and playful chocolate fondue experience.

Whether you're seeking adventure, culinary delights, artistic inspiration, or simply a memorable experience, Sydney and Melbourne offer a plethora of date ideas to suit every taste and budget. So, take your newfound connection on an unforgettable journey and let the sparks fly. Stay tuned for more Melbourne suggestions or check out our other Sydney ideas. Happy dating!


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Maeva (CEA co-host and blogger)

& the CEA gang! x

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