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How to Navigate that 'no spark' text message

3️⃣ Quick things to remember when you get the ‘I just didn’t feel a spark’ text that you didn’t see coming - By our inhouse mindset coach, Nikki @nikkiofficially

📢Handle rejection better ⤵️

👉Learning to fully accept who you are is key to being able to navigate rejection.

Instead of having thoughts like ‘what’s wrong with me’ or ‘why am I not good enough’… you can create thoughts that sound like ‘I deserve someone who claims me’, and ‘Finding my person will take time and I’m good with that’.

Here are 3️⃣things to remember to help you navigate that ‘no spark’ text message:

1️⃣Let them!

Let others be picky about who they build relationships with. It’s NOT personal and does not mean any less about you. We are all made up of thousands of different qualities that make us unique so it makes sense we would all have different preferences.The same way everyone you’ve dated hasn’t been a perfect match for you.

2️⃣You are looking to fill the most important role in your life. Every time someone says NO to you, they are communicating to you ‘I am not your person’ and saving you lots of time and wasted energy. This is a huge blessing.

3️⃣If you notice rejection is a huge issue for you, this is sign you have some inner work to do. Start with answering these questions:

✍🏼What other ways could I look at rejection and dating?

✍🏼What part of myself do I reject or think isn’t good enough?

✍🏼Where does this come from?

✍🏼What do I need to accept about this part of me?

Rejection is re-direction. If dating is making you question and doubt your worthiness or lovability, it’s time to focus more on you. Our dating coach Nikki @nikkiofficially can help you create a stronger, healthier relationship with yourself first, so you have more chance of finding your one.

Dm her at @nikkiofficially with the word CHEEKY to discuss.

Author: Nikki Evans, Trauma Specialist and Mindset Coach. Owner of Mind Health School.

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