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Love is in the Air! 🚀 Just 7 Days Left until Takeoff for 15 Valentine's Day Singles Speed Dating Events! 💘

Hey Lovebirds! 😊 Can you feel the love vibes getting stronger each day? We're just one week away from unleashing the magic of our 15 Valentine's Day singles speed dating events across Australia, and let me tell you, the anticipation is reaching sky-high levels! 🚀 The countdown has officially begun, and time is flying faster than Cupid's arrow. Act quickly because three events are already fully booked, and the others are not far behind. Snag your spot pronto!

Exclusive Deals Await: Follow @cheekyeventsaustralia for Sweet Surprises! 

Head over to our socials @cheekyeventsaustralia for some exclusive insider info on which tickets come with an extra dash of cheekiness and a sweet discount – because who doesn't love a good deal, right? 🍬 

As we gear up for Valentine's Day, our most significant day of the year, we're spreading the love even further! 🎁 Starting right now, we are giving away 15 tickets to the first 15 people who slide into our DMs with the magic words "FEELING THE LOVE." Check out the list below for the eligible events and get ready to make this Valentine's Day unforgettable: 

  1. North Sydney: single males - available on 13th Feb

  1. Coogee: males - available on 14th Feb

  2. West Sydney: females - available on 14th Feb

  3. Melbourne: males - available on 14th Feb

  4. Burleigh Heads: gay males - available on 14th Feb

  5. Perth: females aged 24-34 - available on 14th Feb

  6. Perth: males aged 34-46 - available on 14th Feb

  7. Brisbane: males ages 35-49 - available on 14th Feb


Now, why should you dive into the excitement? Imagine ditching those tiresome dating apps and embracing real-life connections on the most romantic day of the year! 🌹 Visualise genuine interactions, meeting fantastic new people, and who knows, maybe discovering that special someone face-to-face. Besides, spending Valentine's Day surrounded by like-minded individuals in a lively atmosphere? It's time to add a pinch of spontaneity to your love life and bid farewell to those dating app! 💑

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