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Meet the Cheeky Events team!

Have you met the Cheeky Events girl gang bringing you the most exciting speed dating event across Sydney?

☀️On this miserable Monday meet the team behind Cheeky Events Sydney that are determined to bring a bit of sunshine into your lives!☀️

👯‍♀️Not only is this an appreciation post for these 6 awesome ladies, who have helped me build a successful speed dating business from the ground up, it’s also a chance for you to get to know them better!👯‍♀️

Better still, every single one of these ladies has experienced being a speed dating guest (spoiler alert Louise & her match Timmy now live together with a puppy) so they know exactly how you’re feeling when you arrive at a Cheeky Event for the very first time. Likewise, they’ve helped co-host a number of events over the past 2.5 years so they sure do know what ingredients create a great speed dating event!

A photo of Cheri and Aurelee making silly reels for our socials

As I (@cheri_and_bump) am now in my final trimester, I’ll be mostly running things from behind the scenes (overseeing the socials, venue meetings etc.) so you will see a lot more of my 6 lovely team members, particularly at the final 8 events before our Winter hiatus!

A photo of the 2023 CE team with two members from the 2022 CE team

Let's get to know the girls better

Frankie was the first person to join my team. In 2019, we departed London together to backpack across Asia with neither of us really knowing our next move. When I told Frankie I wanted to start up an events business inspired by my sister’s party planning company @cheekyeventsofficial she offered to design some posters for me free of charge to get things moving.

A short while after Louise and April joined the team. I met them both through socialising around the Eastern Suburbs & at different times they’ve both been fun flatmates. Since, we’ve co-hosted a number of fun singles events across Sydney.

A photo of Louise and Timmy (one year after they met at the CE Valentine's Day event)

Then can our two pocket rockets Aurelee and Kat. Aurelee attended one of our first ever events in Green Square and I loved her energy and asked for her support with social media. Likewise, Kat attended one of our first events in Bondi Junction & we knew we just had to have this bundle of joy on the team. Kat is a cheerleader, dancer & soon to be Primary Teacher. Then the final fierce female to join & complete our girl gang was the smiley and sassy (in a good way) @itsbimona. She attended our first event in Zetland & I’ve always loved her direct & honest approach when sharing ideas. I’m drawn to people who say what they mean & mean what they say!

At our next event on 14th April @barmille_therocks (which is fully sold out for both males and females and for both age groups) please can guests attending the 26-40 event meet Aurelee and Kat in the Sun room at 6pm to start promptly as you’ve got lots of 5 min dates to enjoy!

Please can guests attending the 40+ event meet Louise and Bimona on the terrace. You will have fewer dates but for longer 9 minute dates as requested by so many of our followers within this age group.

Please note that Bimona will be emailing out the matches for both groups from 24 hours after the event!

See you all soon!



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