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Modern Romance ❤️

A photo of two lovely guests from a recent event.

Hey lovelies, 🚀

Did you know that back in the Renaissance period, your parents basically held the keys to your heart? Yep, that's right! Before you could start serenading your sweetheart under the moonlight, you had to get the parental seal of approval.

Thank goodness we're not there anymore, am I right? Phew! 😅

So, next time you're stressing over swiping left or right, just remember it could be worse—you could be living in a time when your love life was basically controlled by a parental committee. 🙈

And hey, speaking of love in the modern age, don't forget to check out our upcoming speed dating events! It's your chance to find someone special without needing a Renaissance-style permission slip. 😉 Secure your spot on Eventbrite now! 🎟️

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Sending you all the love vibes, 💖

Cheeky Events Australia 🌟

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