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Love languages! Tell me how you like it!

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

A photo of two guests enjoying themselves at a speed dating event in Randwick, Sydney.

Have you ever wondered why your partner isn’t being as touchy feely as you would like? Have you questioned how they can so easily verbally tell you that they love you but fail to show it through their actions?

Maybe you’ve been disappointed with their reaction when you bought them a thoughtful or expensive gift and they seemed ungrateful for the time, money and energy you spent getting it for them?

Why is it you always offer to help them with their errands but when you’re swamped they don’t think to do the same?

Well, have you told them how you like to receive love?

Do you even know your own love language let alone theirs?

Many of you would have heard of the 5 love languages proposed by American relationship expert, therapist and author Gary Champan, in his 1992 bestseller but how many of you truly know and communicate this to your loved one?

For those that aren’t familiar with the 5 love languages they are:

1) Words of affirmation

This doesn’t just mean deep and meaningful chats all the time (although we all love a DMC right?) as it may include regular texts, voice notes or letters communicating one’s feelings for you.

2) Physical touch

This may include any non-verbal communication and be either comforting or sexual.

3) Receiving gifts

This doesn’t necessarily mean expensive gifts as it could be thoughtful surprises or an experience/activity date that gets you/ your partner going.

4) Quality time

How lovely is it when you both agree to put your phones away to give each other 1:1 attention with no distractions?! Is eye contact and taking turns actively listening a real turn on for you?

5) Acts of service

Do you dream of a guy/girl cooking you a tasty meal after a long hard day or tidying the house before you get home? This could include someone offering to drop you off to work when you’re running late or simply helping you tick off your errands.

Now I know many of you will be thinking you want all of these things in a partner but it’s really important to work out which ones you value the most and equally important to find out which way your partner likes to receive love.

A photo of guests enjoying themselves at a speed dating event in Bondi Junction, Sydney.

Your homework this weekend (Can you tell that I'm a Primary Teacher by day?) is to become more self-aware about how you like to be loved. Start by ranking the 5 love languages in order of most significant to you to least. If you need to take a quiz to help you work it out this one is pretty useful but you may be a combination of two like me!

Next, think about ways you could show someone love who has a different love language to you!

Finally, when you're ready to use this insightful knowledge to attract a loving meaningful relationship or mingle with other cuties in your area, who can actually communicate their needs, desires and intentions, drop me a message to get involved in one of our singles mixers.

Go you for putting in the work to become more self-aware!

A photo of me (Cheri) venue hunting in Sydney.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and hope to see you soon!

x Cheri

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Loving the blogs so far! Covering all those things we just need to hear sometimes so we can avoid dating disasters! I also feel the need to compose myself after reading the title, thinking “oh no, this is going to feel like a personal attack” but you approach the topics in such a way it just feels like some friendly advice over a glass wine! Really getting some good stuff out there for us girls!

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