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The Rise of Singles in Australia: Why Speed Dating is More Relevant Than Ever

Are you single and looking for love in Australia? You're not alone! With a growing number of singles in the country, the dating scene is more vibrant than ever. Let's dive into some eye-opening stats and see why speed dating is becoming the go-to option for many Aussies.


📊 Latest Numbers:

  • 27.8% of Aussies (approx. 7.3 million people) are single.

  • The number of singles has surged by 15.3% since 2016.

  • New South Wales leads with 2.3 million singles, followed by Victoria with 1.9 million.

  • The majority of singles (55.6%) are aged 25-44.

With so many singles in Australia, speed dating is becoming the preferred choice for several reasons:

Efficiency: Meet multiple potential matches in one evening, saving you time and effort.

Authenticity: Enjoy real, face-to-face interactions, unlike the often superficial connections on dating apps.

Fun and Relaxed: Our events are designed to be enjoyable and stress-free, making it easier to be yourself.

Immediate Feedback: Know right away if there's a spark, avoiding the uncertainty of online messaging.

If you're single and ready to mingle, join the thousands of Australians who have discovered the perks of speed dating.

Sign up for our upcoming events and experience the thrill of speed dating for yourself! Get tickets here!

Can't wait to see you soon :)

Lots of love, the CEA gang! x

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