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The Truth About Catfishing in Online Dating

Why dating at real life event is always better than online

Did you know that over a quarter of online daters admit to using flattering angles, lighting, or filters that don’t show their true selves? And a whopping 82% felt someone misrepresented themselves on their profiles. 😲

With more than half reporting they've been 'catfished' or suspect they were, BUT fear not! There's a safer alternative—speed dating. Unlike online dating, where deception can run rampant, speed dating offers face-to-face interactions, eliminating the risk of misrepresentation. Plus, you get to sense chemistry in real-time, making genuine connections more likely. 💑

This is why speed dating is the superior choice. We have lots coming up, so check out our Eventbrite to find an event near you and experience the difference yourself! 🎉

Can't wait to see you there! 😊

Cheeky Events Australia 🌟

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