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Want to start 2024 off with some fireworks? Our final 50% off offer ends NYD!

Happy Eve of New Years Eve,

I hope you're all revved up and ready to zoom into the new year! As we gear up for 2024, let's make a resolution that's certainly worth keeping - not settling for someone who makes bare minimum effort! Remember you deserve someone special, who revs your engine.

To give your heart a jumpstart in 2024, we're kicking off the year with a BANG! How does a 50% off sale sound? Please note this is our final confirmed sale until Black Friday in November 2024!

That's right, for the last 48 hours of the year, you can use the code NEWYEAR50 to cruise through our selection of speed dating events at half the price.

Seize the chance and ignite some fireworks with your potential soulmate! Click here to see which events have spaces.

And that not all- we have 6 x 60% off Sydney male tickets for our Jan 5th event in Sydney's CBD and 7 x 60% off Melbourne female tickets for our Jan 12th event in Richmond, Melbourne. DM us on our socials or reply to this email for one of those extra special codes.

Remember, finding the right person is a bit like driving a stick shift - you have to put yourself out there, shift gears, and keep mingling until you find your perfect match. So buckle up, get out there, and let's make 2024 the year of love, laughter, and maybe a few cheesy pick-up lines for good measure!

Wishing you all a fantastic new year filled with exciting encounters, unforgettable moments, and hopefully, a whole lot of love.

See you in the fast lane,

Cheri & the CEA gang! x

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