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Hop Into April with Egg-citing Speed Dating Events! 🐰

Hey cuties! 💕

Can you believe it's already the end of March and the end of the first quarter of the year? Time flies when you're having fun... and boy, have we had a blast in March!

🚀 Our 7 speed dating events this month took place across 4 Aussie cities and created 782 matches, with 368 of you lovely guests sparking connections left, right, and centre! 🐣

 🐇But hold onto your Easter baskets because we have an impressive almost sold out 4 weeks 11 events lined up for April !

🥚 We're expanding faster than the Easter bunny on caffeine thanks to you spreading the word (although we still need your help to let the gay community know about us) and we will be hitting 5 cities in the next 4 weeks. The only downside is we know those of you who support us on socials are not always getting a space so, please take this as your warning than 8 out of the 11 April events are already close to selling out.

Also, if you want to date for less, we suggest snapping up an Early bird ticket for May now!

Get ready to meet your match and make April the month of love and laughter!

💖Join us at our upcoming events and let's make this April crackle with sparks of new beginnings! 🌼

🌟 Remember, life's too short to miss out on love... so hop on over, grab your calendar, and let's make some bunny-hop matches happen!

✨Stay fabulous, and let's make April the month of new beginnings and endless possibilities! 🐣

Looking forward to seeing you all there, and remember, it's not just about the egg hunts this April... it's about finding your perfect match in the sea of pastel colors and sweet treats!

With love,

Cheri & the CEA gang ! xx

💖 #AprilSpeedLove #NewBeginnings #Egg-citingTimesAhead 🐰✨

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