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Who knew February could be that cheeky?

Happy Friday you lovely lot & Happy 1st March,

New month but same mission- to get you off those awful apps for good! February was nothing short of magical for Cheeky Events Australia and the 557 guests who attended one of our 15 events!

From celebrating love at our events to hitting incredible milestones, we've

got a lot to talk about – and we're adding a sprinkle of joy with a special giveaway at the end just for you!

January set the bar high with 797 matches, but did February rise to the challenge? The answer is a resounding yes! WE HAD 961 MATCHES IN FEB! It's not a competition, but if it were, February might just be the reigning champion!

Moving forward to March and in celebration of Pride month we would love to offer all of our subscribers 15% off any remaining spaces for March (sorry there aren't many left) but I do have ax extra cheeky 20% off code for Sydney males aged 30-45 as the upcoming event for that age group is sold out for females! Dm us on IG for that @cheekyeventsaustralia

A massive cheers to each one of you who showed up, laughed, flirted, and added your own splash of cheekiness to the mix. You're the real MVPs, and we're sending virtual hugs and high-fives your way!

If you attended our events in February or plan to join us in March, we've got a cheeky surprise for you. Drumroll, please... 🥁 Tag us in your event photos on Instagram using the hash tag #cheekyeventsaustralia, and we'll slide into your DMs with a sweet 2 for the price for 1 discount code! 

Once again, thanks for making February a blast, and we can't wait to keep the party going. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram, and let's make the next event even cheekier than the last one. Here's to more laughs, more connections, and a whole lot of love!

Hugs and Kisses!

CE Australia xoxo

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